Thursday, June 10, 2021

Anthrax revisit Public Enemy collaboration on 40th anniversary series

Anthrax revisit their 1991 collaboration with Public Enemy in the latest installment of the band’s 40th anniversary video series.

The two acts teamed up for a 1991 version of the hip-hop group’s 1987 classic, “Bring The Noise”, which saw the thrash band merging the two genres.

“I really remember, like fall of the 1981, I had started college,” says Scott Ian about his passion for both genres. “All I listened to at that point in time was Iron Maiden and Run-DMC; it was equal –.both moved me the same way.”

“I grew up listening to (New York radio station) WABC, I grew up listening to metal,”
recalls Chuck D. “I went to a high school that was predominantly white, in Long Island. We were exposed to everything they were listening to: from the (Led) Zeppelins to the Boston’s and (Peter) Frampton, and Jackson Browne; so somewhere in the middle of that was the metal mix.”

The “Bring The Noise” collaboration was issued as a single, and appeared on both Anthrax’s 1991 compilation, “Attack Of The Killer B’s”, and Public Enemy’s album, "Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black" album.

Episode 16 in the Anthrax 40 series features insight into the band from a lengthy list of fellow rockers, including Vernon Reid, Henry Rollins, Brian Posehn, Jose Mangin, Chuck D, John Tempesta, Kerry King and Dee Snider.

Anthrax will celebrate their 40th anniversary with a very special livestream performance on Friday, July 16 that will see the band deliver a deep cuts set that will pull from their entire career-spanning catalog.

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