Saturday, June 25, 2022

ZZ Top share Raw version of Heard It On The X

ZZ Top are sharing video of a performance of their 1975 classic, “Heard It On The X”, from the forthcoming live package, “Raw.”

The song from “Fandango!” was recorded as part of an intimate session at Gruene Hall, “the oldest continually run dance hall in Texas”, as captured for the 2019 Netflix documentary, “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas.”

“Heard It On The X” is a faithful chronicle of the famed "border blaster" radio phenomenon from the time when Mexican AM stations held call letters beginning with the letter "X" just south of the US border, broadcasting with virtually unlimited wattage. Stateside stations were maxed out to 50,000 watts of peak power while the Mexican stations were known for their million-watt signals.

The idea to broadcast to stateside listeners from Mexico originated with the legendary "Doctor" J.R. Brinkley, whose goat gland implant procedure was touted as a cure for sexual impotency problems back in the pre-Viagra age. His quackery reached a massive audience of eager listeners while simultaneously sidestepping all avenues of US governmental approval.

“Even though Dusty, Frank, and I grew up in different part of Texas,” says Billy Gibbons, “we listened to the same stations, particularly the "X" stations and, as a result, we gained a lot of the same musical and cultural points of reference."

Due July 22, “Raw” will be available on 180 gram vinyl, CD and through digital platforms.

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