Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Jonathan Cain responds to Neal Schon lawsuit over Journey finances

Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain has issued a statement in response to a lawsuit brought against him by guitarist Neal Schon over the band’s finances.

Reports indicate Schon is seeking financial records and access to an American Express credit card he claims Cain set up for his exclusive use under the pair’s band corporation, Nomata.

“As a member and manager and founder and leader of Journey,” outlines Schon’s court filing, “Schon has the right to access and control Nomota’s books and records. Schon must have unfettered access to Nomota’s records so he can oversee and manage Nomota/Journey.”

Variety reports Cain has issued a statement on the matter on Tuesday, saying “This is a matter that should have been resolved privately, but I am forced to publicly respond now to Neal’s malicious lies and personal attacks on my family and (me) in an effort to garner public support for his ill-conceived lawsuit – a lawsuit that has absolutely no merit.

“Neal has always had access to the credit card statements; what he lacks – and what he is really seeking – is the ability to increase his spending limits. Since Neal decided to publicize what is going on, I can tell you we will present the evidence to the court that shows that Neal has been under tremendous financial pressure as a result of his excessive spending and extravagant lifestyle, which led to him running up enormous personal charges on the band’s credit card account.

“When efforts were made to limit his use of the card to legitimate band expenses, Neal unfortunately decided to attack me rather than trying to get his reckless spending under control,” Cain’s statement concludes. “I am saddened by the situation – for Neal and for our fans – but since Neal filed a lawsuit, I suspect he will not be able to ignore the court like he has ignored the countless financial advisors and accountants he has fired over the past several years who have tried in vain to help him.”

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Schon was among the members who founded Journey in San Francisco, CA in 1973; Cain joined the lineup years later and co-wrote all of the songs on his first album with the band, 1981’s “Escape”, including the iconic hit, “Don’t Stop Believin’”.

Journey issued their latest album, “Freedom”, in July, and will release “Live In Concert At Lollapalooza” on December 9.

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