Friday, February 10, 2023

Black Star Riders release Catch Yourself On video

Black Star Riders have released a video for “Catch Yourself On”, the latest single from their new album, “Wrong Side Of Paradise.”

“‘Catch Yourself On’ is a phrase often used in my home country of Northern Ireland, it’s used to tell someone to ‘stop being ridiculous’ or ‘to get real’,” explains frontman Ricky Warwick. “We’re sadly becoming slaves to technology and social media (guilty as charged). We don’t think twice about sharing our inner most feelings and thoughts with a world of strangers… We seem to be losing the ability to think for ourselves. Technology is controlling us, instead we should be controlling technology. It feels like it’s already surpassing human interaction."

The UK band’s fifth studio record, “Wrong Side Of Paradise” marks their first since 2019’s “Another State Of Grace” and the 2021 departure of guitarist Scott Gorham, who led the group through a transition from Thin Lizzy to Black Star Riders in 2012.

The new video arrives in sync with the launch of the band’s 10th anniversary UK tour,which will open in Belfast on February 11.

Get your copy of “Wrong Side Of Paradise” here.

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