Sunday, February 26, 2023

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott explains Bogota health issue

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has updated fans on the health issue he faced prior to the band’s February 25 concert in Bogota, Colombia with Motley Crue.

According to local media reports, Elliott checked in to Clínica de Marly upon his arrival in the city after experiencing respiratory issues.

“So I am alive and well. Little woozy, I'll be honest,” Elliott shared on social media just hours before the show. “Moderate-to-severe altitude sickness. I would hate to know what 'severe' altitude sickness [is]; I wouldn't wanna wish it on my worst enemy. But here I am... Apparently the Internet lit up, so I'm here to put everybody that cares about it minds at rest. I'm here, and we're going on at 8 p.m."

Hours later, the rocker joined his Def Leppard bandmates on stage for the show at Parque Simon Bolivar and delivered their set as scheduled.

El Tiempo reports Elliott told the crowd that he thanked the medical staff who helped him while he was briefly hospitalized in the city, and that this will not be the last time the group will come to Colombia.

"Do us a favor: don't forget us and we won't forget you," said Elliott.

The UK band is touring in support of their 2022 album, “Diamond Star Halos”; pick up your copy of the record here.

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