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The Rolling Stones recount 1967 Redlands drug bust on Chronicles series

The Rolling Stones recount their infamous 1967 drug bust on the third episode of the limited-edition mini-series, “The Rolling Stones Chronicles.”

Experimenting with psychedelic drugs in the mid-1960s was part of a movement that began redefining youth culture in the mid-1960s.

“’67 was the explosion of the drug culture,” recalls Keith Richards. “That’s when it came into the open from underground; everybody just started talking about it.”

Amongst those who were talking about it was the UK tabloid News Of The World, outlines The Rolling Stones’ record label ABKCO, as the media outlet published a series of sensationalistic stories about the drug use of pop stars –, including Mick Jagger – who then sued the paper for libel.

News Of The World tipped off authorities to a party at Richards’ Redlands residence in February 1967 where it was believed that drugs were to be present, which led to 18 officers arriving at the home to discover a trivial quantity of controlled substances that resulted in a series of major drug charges for Jagger, Richards and art dealer Robert Fraser.

“If one is on one’s own in a private house, not doing any harm to anyone,” stated Jagger during a press conference at the time, “I don’t see why all these people should wander in and say you’re doing something wrong.”

“There were certain aspects of that case that I think went on behind the scenes which are very unsavoury,”
says Richards, “and which, once and for all, destroyed my faith in the impartiality of the English judicial system.”

Co-produced by BBC Motion Gallery and ABKCO, the limited edition Chronicle series consists of six documentary shorts, each featuring a different ‘60s-era hit song by the band; the music is combined with thematically relevant interview clips from the band and contemporaneous historical figures, interspersed with historical documentary footage of related world events.

In sync with the series, pick up your copy of the Stones’ 1969 compilation, “Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)” here.

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