Thursday, April 4, 2024

KISS sells brand name and music catalog for $300 million

KISS has sold its brand name, image, likeness, music catalog rights and more in a newly-announced deal with Swedish entertainment and music investment firm Pophouse.

Known for its role in launching the groundbreaking ABBA Voyage show in London – with plans to move forward with a similar KISS avatar show in 2027– Pophouse has acquired KISS’ artist share of the master recordings and publishing rights, as well as the band’s IP.

While financial terms of the transaction are not being disclosed, Fortune reports the landmark agreement is worth $300 million.

“Our journey with Pophouse is fueled by the desire to eternally resonate across diverse facets of global culture,” says Paul Stanley. “As we embark on this venture, we aim to weave our legacy into the tapestry of different worlds, ensuring that the KISS experience continues to captivate both our devoted fans and those yet to discover the thrill. This partnership is not just a chapter; it's an eternal symphony of rock 'n' roll immortality.”

“We have always been breaking new ground in popular culture, and this partnership will ensure that we continue to do so for years to come,”
adds bassist Gene Simmons. “Because what Pophouse is doing, is breaking rules. We already have several plans in development, where the avatar show is one, a biopic another and a KISS themed experience a third. The future could not be more exciting!”

Working closely with KISS, Pophouse will follow its unique, value-add approach of drawing upon its world-class, in-house creative and storytelling expertise to unlock new audiences and revenue streams.

Pophouse will use its proven, industry-defining playbook to create new content and experiences to enrich the KISS catalogue for fans, old and new, actively seeking to enrich and add value to the brands and artists it partners with. Inclusivity and community have always been vital to the KISS experience, and Pophouse is committed to nurture the close relationship between KISS and its devoted fans moving forward.

“KISS has sold more than 100 million records worldwide and has throughout their 50-year career continued to push the boundaries in popular culture,” states Per Sundin, CEO at Pophouse Entertainment. “The band's enigmatic personas, unparalleled band attributes, and iconic imagery have made them a cultural force and a legendary act with multigenerational appeal. We will safeguard and enrich this legacy through future global endeavors, by breathing new life into their characters and personas while also leveraging and elevating the visual world of KISS.”

As part of the partnership, Pophouse will create digital versions of KISS that will allow the band and their unique personas to live forever. The project, already underway, was previewed at the final KISS show in Madison Square Garden, New York on December 2, 2023 when, to the audience’s surprise, KISS avatars closed the night lip-syncing to the group’s cover of the 1973 Argent hit, “God Gave Rock And Roll To You”

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