Friday, April 16, 2010

Craig Ferguson Rocks 4

Further to last month’s item, Craig Ferguson’s show recently added a new Twitter jingle into rotation.

Robot Eurotrash Twitter Jingle (April 2010)
The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson

Geoff Peterson update: Sad to report that Craig’s team seems to have given up on trying to make the robot skeleton sidekick work for the show…and, unfortunately, I’d say without much of an effort.

Geoff’s debut last Monday (5) was a little rough, but interesting; it appeared that Craig immediately realized the limitations of giving Geoff only 7 catch phrases, which were burnt out by the end of the show. I thought night 2 was much better, as Geoff had new stuff to say and Craig was still interested in making it work, but things took a bad turn by night 3 (last Wednesday), when Geoff was given the role of second banana/doofus, judging by the dumb expressions they gave him, and Craig started making negative remarks about the project.

While he’s still far brighter and more entertaining than Leno’s bandleader Kevin Eubanks, it looks like Geoff’s days are numbered. It’s a drag that Craig and crew have given up so early in the process, which, in itself, is a bad thing: I still think there are ways to make Geoff fit in to the show and night 2 had some promising moments.

I’m guessing the biggest challenge is the limited number of expressions Geoff can be programmed with at any one time; if that’s the case, it would be worth going back to the drawing board and expanding the system so that Craig’s team had more options at their disposal. Beyond that, I have no idea how simple/easy/fast it is to swap out the prerecorded mp3 expressions (ie. could it be done during a commercial break, for example?), but I would imagine anything technical could be addressed – like I say, the bigger challenge is getting Craig and crew back on board in general, and it’s not looking good these days for one Geoff Peterson: Robot Skeleton Sidekick.

“Look Out, There’s A Monster Coming”
Dancing With The Robot Skeleton Sidekick (Geoff Peterson)
The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson – April 5, 2010