Friday, April 2, 2010

Craig Ferguson Rocks III

Thought I’d pass along an update on my previous posts here and
here about Craig Ferguson’s plan to add a robot skeleton sidekick to his show…

Geoff Peterson (aka Robot Skeleton Sidekick) joins The Late Show on Monday, April 5!!

Grant Imahara from Mythbusters offered to make Craig a robot sidekick based on a Twitter stunt in February, and “Geoff” has been in production ever since.

Here’s how it all started:

Craig Ferguson - Robot Skeleton Sidekick: The Beginning
The Late Show With Craig Ferguson – March 26, 2010

Mid-project report:

Craig Ferguson – Update On Craig’s Robot Skeleton Sidekick
The Late Show With Craig Ferguson – March 26, 2010

Of course, you can’t just let a Robot Skeleton Sidekick loose in the world – that would be both crazy and potentially dangerous; a set of rules might be a good idea…

The Robot Skeleton Sidekick Laws
The Late Show With Craig Ferguson – March 31, 2010

We’ll see what happens with Craig and his new pal Geoff on Monday night!

Here’s a cool Late Show appearance by The Hot Rats with special guest Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols

Hotrats - Turn Ons - E.M.I. Hotrats - Turn Ons - E.M.I.

The Hot Rats with Steve Jones – E.M.I.
The Late Show With Craig Ferguson – January 18, 2010