Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Pearl Jam song leaked

An unreleased Pearl Jam song found its way online earlier today; I’ll repeat “found” because it was actually discovered on the band’s password-protected label website.

The “leak” was a post by “Pete” with the following message: “Gary, Kelly wanted you to hear this please give it a listen.”

Now, Kelly is Kelly Curtis, PJ’s manager; Gary is likely someone who works with Kelly, and “Pete” was likely the go-between for getting the file shared.

An interesting, intense but quiet song that has caused a stir in the PJ community as fans try to determine the timing of the recording.

A song with the same title was recorded as part of the "Riot Act" sessions in spring 2002, and speculation grows whether this is the ’02 recording or, possibly, an updated recording or something completely different. Is it the "Riot Act" song intact? If so, was it redone or retouched? Is it something left over from the "Backspacer" sessions, maybe a b-side, perhaps? Something from Vedder’s “Into The Wild” sessions? Is it something new entirely? Is it for an upcoming release?

Until something official comes from the PJ camp, it’ll remain a mystery….

Pearl Jam – Better Days (unreleased)