Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stone Temple Pilots’ Weiland addresses lip-sync rumours

When Scott Weiland fell off the stage last week in Cincinnati (story and video here), it opened up a discussion about whether or not the Stone Temple Pilots’ frontman was singing live, and/or whether or not a backing vocal track was being used to ‘enhance’ his live sound; a the third option was outright lip synching.

During STP’s opening number, “Crackerman,” Weiland walked off the front of the stage and landed in the pit; he was out of sight and off stage for just over a minute, but he never missed a line in the song while he was down.

Since Weiland was nowhere to be seen and the stage audio continued without interruption, some speculated that a backing vocal track may have been used, as a fall of that nature should have resulted in some discomfort and distraction to the vocalist.

Weiland responded to the issue during Saturday’s show in Pittsburgh. "I would like to dispel a rumor swirling its way around the Interwebs,” he said, “that I am not singing these songs that I wrote. There has never been a time in the twenty-five-plus years that I have been singing with these guys, or a combination of these guys, or with other musicians, that I have not sang. So, whoever started that bullsh*t claim, like so many other bullsh*t claims, which is the problem with modern technology, and there are so many great things about it. But that is such a travesty. We are a rock and roll band…rock and roll bands perform live."

Stone Temple Pilots – Scott Weiland addresses lip-sync rumours
First Niagara Pavilion - Burgettstown, PA – August 28, 2010

Big Stone Temple Pilots - Big Bang Baby - Thank You

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