Monday, October 25, 2010

Sammy Hagar comments on Fresno Cabo Wabo lawsuit

News broke, a few weeks back, about a $589 million dollar lawsuit against Sammy Hagar and his business partners about the same time the Red Rocker was in Cabo for his annual series of birthday shows (see “TONIGHT: Live Sammy Hagar birthday webcast from Cabo” here).

Sammy and his partners are being sued by developer Milt Barbis over the failure of a Cabo Wabo Cantina franchise in Fresno, California.

According to the Fresno Bee, developer Milt Barbis and two companies associated with the building of the franchise filed a federal lawsuit that blames Hagar, and others, for the demise of the short-lived restaurant and nightclub.

"For whatever reason, somebody made a decision somehow somewhere that they didn't want that club in Fresno," said Southern California attorney Richard Hamlish, who is representing Barbis, as well as Fresno Rock Taco LLC and Zone Sports Center LLC. "Whether that was Sammy Hagar, or whom, I don't know." He added that "any attempts subsequently to operate the club have been stifled."

Read the original story in the Fresno Bee here.

Last week, Sammy issued a statement to the Fresno Bee:

"At this time I can't comment on any of the specific claims brought in the frivolous legal papers filed by Milton Barbis, but anyone who has followed the issues of mismanagement around the entire Granite Park development will not be surprised to learn that the accusations are unfounded. I had hoped that this unhappy experience for me and my fans in the Fresno area was put to rest quite some time ago, but Mr. Barbis refuses to accept this."

"I have no doubt that my fans in Fresno understand this situation and know that no matter what, I love this town and the people in it. It was a great feeling to be back a couple of weeks ago to rock again with all the fans!! I am anxious for the facts to come to light on this situation, so we can all put this behind us and get back to what really matters -- keeping the party rocking in Fresno."

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Sammy Hagar – Cabo Wabo (acapella version)
Cabo Wabo Cantina – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – October 11, 2008

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