Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Cult rock Guitar Center Sessions December 4

The Cult are the next artists featured on The Guitar Center Sessions.

The Cult episode premieres via DirecTV channel 101 (and is 3D on n|3D) on December 4 at 9PM ET/PT.

The band are on a US tour in support of their recent recordings on the newly formatted ‘capsule’ collection.

Rather than revisit the traditional method of releasing a long-form CD, the “capsule” is a collection of not just new music, but film, art and fashion. Each "capsule" will span across multiple media formats, including vinyl, digital, USB, CD and DVD formats.

“Capsule One” was released in September, containing new studio songs, live material and the short film, “A Prelude to Ruins” (directed by Ian Astbury & Rick Rogers).

“Capsule Two: New Blood Deep Cuts” was just released, featuring studio tracks “Embers,” Until The Light Takes Us,” as well as live tracks, and an intimate look into The Cult's rehearsal space, with a never before seen warm-up performance of "Black Angel."

The Cult - Embers
Guitar Center Sessions (2010)