Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jimmy Page planning to play shows in 2011

“I’m desperate to be playing, but it won’t be ‘til next year”
- Jimmy Page

“I’m desperate to be playing, but it won’t be ‘til next year,” Jimmy Page tells Planet Rock’s Liz Barnes. “I’ll get a good vehicle to get out there and do some concerts.”

Barnes caught up with the guitar icon at Wednesday’s 2010 Classic Rock “Roll Of Honour” Awards, where Page presented “The Innovator” Award to legendary U.K. band Killing Joke.

Classic Rock describes the Innovator Award as "recognizing rock music's greatest pioneers: the people who directly changed the course of rock music and whose ingenuity, bravery and sheer bare-faced cheek set new benchmarks for the music we love. This award is a tribute to their insight, foresight and second sight."

“I got a call whether I’d like to give an award to Killing Joke. The thing is, I go back a long way with Jaz Coleman and the band,” said Page. “I used to go and see the band, and it was a band that really impressed me because Geordie’s (Walker) guitar sound was just really, really strong. And they were really tribal, the band, and it was really intense.”

“It was just really good to hear something like that during the 80s,” continued Jimmy, “which sort of caved in a bit with haircuts and synthesizers.”

Jimmy talks more about his history with Killing Joke, as well as his recent photo autobiography, which sold out before its release date - have a listen:

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