Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour disillusioned with modern music

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour is a fan of music, just not much of what’s happening these days.

“I keep waiting for someone who is as good as the old favorites I love, like Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, but I wait in vain. I can only live in hope,” David told Britain’s Daily Express.

Gilmour also says he doesn’t hold out much hope for the music industry as a whole. “The old record industry is falling apart,” he said. “The new system is run via a different system and the Internet is driving it. I don’t know at what point, one will look back at it and think of this period as a blip, but I suspect something like that will happen.”

For a guy who sounds like he isn’t digging much of anything these days, Gilmour has sure been busy, appearing on “Metallic Spheres,” the new album by visionary UK 'ambient/house' collective The Orb…as well as serving as Executive Producer on the new retrospective, “An Introduction To Syd Barrett.”

Released October 11 (November 9 in the US), “Introduction” is a brand new collection that brings together - for the first time - the tracks of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett on one compilation.

Gilmour worked with engineers Andy Jackson and Damon Iddins, who remixed five tracks, including “Octopus,” “She Took A Long Cool Look,” “Dominoes” and “Here I Go.” Gilmour added bass guitar to “Here I Go,” and the team have also remixed Floyd's “Matilda Mother.”

For more details, check out “Introducing Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett” here.

Syd Barrett – Bob Dylan Blues (recorded 1970, originally released 2001)

The Orb featuring David Gilmour – trailer (2010)

David Gilmour – High Hopes
Remember That Night DVD (2007)