Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sebastian Bach ordeal ends

“I am now free.”
- Sebastian Bach

Things seem to be settling down in the case of Sebastian Bach, following a 48-hour whirlwind of activity and headlines.

Bach appeared in a Toronto courtroom Tuesday to deal with an outstanding warrant for a 2004 charge of mischief under $5,000.

The details of that incident have now come to light: it seems Bach trashed Filmores strip club in Toronto after staff refused to give him a naked (topless) picture of his wife, Maria Bierk, which was on display at the club.

Reports say Sebastian was in the bar when he noticed the picture; when staff wouldn’t turn it over, Bach tried to get it himself, unsuccessfully, as it was behind a plexiglass covering. Bach then threw an ashtray, which broke a $12,000 etched glass plate featuring the club’s logo.

Bach was charged, but failed to show up in court at the time.

“The more he drank, the more he wanted that picture,” The Toronto Sun reports Filmores president Howard Adams as saying. “Most guys who marry one of the girls are just happy to get her out of a strip club and don’t mind the pictures.”

On Tuesday, the 2004 charges were dropped and Bach agreed to pay a $250 fine.

Outside the court, Bach said, “I met my wife in 1984 and we have been together ever since. When she was a teenager, she did some topless pictures for the club. In 2004, I was walking by the club and went in, and they had her picture up like she was a dancer there that night. We have three children now.”

To add insult to injury, Kevin Connor of the Sun referred to Maria as a stripper in his article, which sent Bach to Twitter to refute the claim.

“For the record: @mariabach was never a stripper or a dancer at any time in her life,” writes Sebastian. “She was a waitress at this place, that’s all. She did this picture when we were teenagers trying to pay the rent. The fact that they still use her picture 25 years later means 2 things: her beauty is timeless & this place hasn't found a better looking girl in 25 years. You f*** with my wife, & you f*** with me. Why this place can’t show a little class is beyond me, & way beyond them, obviously.”

Adams has plans for the Maria picture. “You may see that picture on ebay,” the Sun reports him saying. “He owes me a lot of money.”

And, Adams has video of the 2004 incident, as well; the Sun reports the club’s President as saying he is going to contact TMZ to see if they’re interested in buying it.

The public also learned, today, that Bach was in Peterborough dealing with the estate of his father, who recently passed away.

“It is no fun doing that. Packing up your father’s life and putting it in a truck. It is so final,” Bach said.

“I tried to drown my sorrows and things just got out of hand. I just got off the road with Guns ‘N’ Roses and went straight to jail,” he added. “They treated me okay in jail, but my ass hurts from trying to sleep on a concrete bed.”

Bach reportedly flew home to New Jersey following his court date, but took the time to thank his supporters via Twitter.

“I am now free. I'm going through some rough times rite now & all of your support means everything to me.”

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