Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kiss’ Gene Simmons explores his roots

Gene Simmons and his A&E show return this weekend, and the new season kicks off with an insightful look into Gene’s personal life.

The first episode includes footage of Gene facing his childhood demons and his mother’s tragic past while visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

Simmons rarely speaks about his mother’s harsh survival from the Nazi concentration camps during WWII. His mother and Anne Frank were approximately the same age when they went into concentration camps and seeing how Anne lived hits very, very close to home for Gene.

HLN's Joy Behar talked with Simmons about his mother surviving the Nazi regime and his visit to the Anne Frank House; the video includes a sneak peek at the first episode of the new season.

Gene Simmons – interview

HLN - Joy Behar Show – December 2, 2010

More interview footage from this week’s round of press interviews…

Gene Simmons – interview
FOX59 – Indianapolis, IN