Monday, January 3, 2011

U2 offers collaborations disc to boost fan club membership

In an effort to beef up subscriptions to U2’s website, the band has announced that an exclusive, members-only disc is on the horizon.

“U2:Duals” is a specially commissioned collection capturing U2 in collaboration with other artists over three decades.

Over the years, a unique community of artists have shared a recording studio with U2; from folk to punk, from country to blues and soul, these collaborations have spanned musical genres... but until now they've never been collected together.

Following in the tradition of "Artificial Horizon," "Medium, Rare and Remastered" and other releases special to, “U2:Duals” is a limited-edition release which will not be on sale in shops or online.

A track listing has not yet been announced.

A collectors-edition release, it's part of the 2010/2011 subscription package, which are available for $50 each.

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U2 & B.B. King – When Love Comes To Town (1988)

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