Tuesday, January 18, 2011

VIDEO: new Eddie Van Halen gear introduced at NAMM

The NAMM show in Anaheim is a busy showcase of new gear and products for the music industry, and Eddie Van Halen’s booth for EVH Gear was certainly a busy place, by all accounts.

Three major new products were showcased: the Eddie Van Halen EVH Stealth and Wolfgang guitars, along with the 5150 III 50W amp.

EVH Gear’s Chris Cannella introduces new EVH products
NAMM – Anaheim, CA – January, 2011

Eddie himself even stopped by last Wednesday, the day before the exhibition started, to check things out.

Junkman of Vintage Rock hooked up with EVH Gear Product Manager Chris Cannella for a chat about what’s new and what’s ahead in EVH-land…

Some interesting comments by Cannella, who winks at the camera while answering a question about a new VH album, while following that up with “you’re gonna see a lot more of Ed this year, hopefully by summer.”

Vintage Rock – EVH Gear’s Chris Cannella interview
NAMM – Anaheim, CA – January, 2011

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