Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Motley Crue: Vince Neil claims no IRS lien on his house

The drama that is Vince Neil continues.

Las Vegas Weekly reports the Motley Crue singer is denying one of the recent headlines about his tax issues.

“There’s no lien on my house,” claims Vince. “I haven’t heard one thing about that. I think I’d have known about it if it goes back to April of last year. It’s rubbish, definitely rubbish. In the past, I’ve had tax problems like a lot of other people, especially entertainers.”

“But there’s no liens --- nothing like that,”
he continued. “I got screwed by some people a few years ago, and my accountants then messed up the way it was treated. It left me with a tax bill, but I satisfied the IRS in a deal where I pay them what they want. It’s life, unfortunately, but all satisfied and settled.”

Hmm. Vince might want to touch base with his current accountants. Or hop online and check out the paperwork himself.

Last week, the Detroit Free Press reported the lien was filed with Nevada’s Clark County on April 27.

Speculation has it that it was the December 17 IRS lien for unpaid income taxes (see copy here) - which was processed by Clark County on December 28 - that set Vince off on Twitter, when his New Year’s Day tweet read:

“Dear IRS...F**K YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Vince Neil.”

One of the many lessons here is not to go running to Twitter to vent when you get bad news - and then try to deny any knowledge of said bad news later.

Vince Neil Band – Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Feelgoods – Las Vegas, NV – February 6, 2010

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