Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Motley Dude: Vince Neil charged with domestic violence

Vince Neil has been charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct a few days after Las Vegas police recommended that charges be brought against the Motley Crue frontman for his alleged altercation with ex-girlfriend Alicia Jacobs.

TMZ reports that, according to court documents filed last week in Clark County, Nevada, Neil committed a crime by, "forcing his way into the Shimmer lounge [at the Las Vegas Hilton] while a performance was occurring" and poked three people with his right index finger, each time stating the words, "f**k you."

One of the alleged poke victims is Jacobs, who told police she was "forcefully poked in her right shoulder blade." The other two pokees are local journalist John Katsilometes and Patricia McCrone, Wayne Newton's sister-in-law.

Both of the charges filed against Neil are misdemeanors.

Last week, Neil claimed HE was the real victim, insisting Jacobs scratched him up during the encounter and made him bleed.

Complicating things a lot more, Neil is on probation for his DUI conviction last year. The judge could violate the probation based on his most recent problem and could send the rocker back to jail.

Neil's lawyer, David Chesnoff, tells The Associated Press that the singer will plead not guilty to the battery and disorderly conduct charges; he's due in Las Vegas Justice Court on May 2.

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