Saturday, March 26, 2011

Motley Feud: Vince Neil denies physical altercation with ex

He said. She said. They said.

There’s a few sides to the Vince Neil story following an incident at the Las Vegas Hilton on Thursday night.

TMZ and other media outlets reported Neil barged into comedian Hal Sparks’ show at the Hilton’s Shimmer Lounge late Thursday when Neil, 50, rushed up to a table and began shouting obscenities at former girlfriend Alicia Jacobs, Wayne Newton’s publicist Tricia McCrone and Las Vegas Sun writer John Katsilometes.

Statements were taken from Jacobs’ group and others. Neil had a glass of champagne in his hand as he poked and berated the group, reported Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Jacobs, the entertainment reporter at KSNV-TV, Channel 3, said she has a bruise from Neil jabbing at her with his finger.

In a first-hand report by John Katsilometes of the Las Vegas Sun, the writer indicates “Hilton security officials and Metro Police officers were summoned to investigate what was at least a clear case of felony buffoonery and, maybe worse, as McCrone and Jacobs said Neil poked them with his right forefinger. They say he poked me, too. I honestly couldn’t tell who was or wasn’t poked (I felt nothing), but Jacobs came away with a circular bruise on her right shoulder.”

“As I told the officers,”
continued Katsilometes, “it was just a case of a guy succumbing to anger and bad judgment who lurched into a comedy show and made an idiot out of himself. But Jacobs’ role as Neil’s ex-girlfriend complicates issues, as she reported that Neil made contact with her. Such an act could fall in the realm of domestic abuse, and Metro could charge Neil, even though Jacobs opted not to press criminal charges Thursday night.”

Now, sources close to Vince Neil tell TMZ the singer is quite adamant ... he didn't lay his hands on anyone during an alleged confrontation with his ex-girlfriend.

As TMZ first reported, Neil's ex-girlfriend filed a battery report with Las Vegas PD after she claimed Neil got physical with her and a friend.

But sources close to Neil paint a slightly different picture. A TMZ source says Neil is telling people he bumped into his ex and did exchange words with her -- but he maintains he never touched her. The TMZ source says Neil claims it was her who got physical with him in the hotel lobby ... and he's now considering pressing charges of his own.

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