Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Steven Tyler: Aerosmith will play American Idol finale

Aerosmith will perform on the American Idol finale later this month, says Steven Tyler.

“Oh yeah, we're playing the last show of the season,” Steven told Rolling Stone. “When I came on board, of course they were talking about, ‘Are you going to sing with the contestants?’ I said I'll do a song, sure, but it was always my intention, always, to get Aerosmith on the show. I mean, Joe's [Perry] done it. I'm ready for it. I would love to play with Aerosmith.”

Tyler is making the rounds to promote his new autobiography, “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?”, which is now available. In the Rolling Stone cover story, the Aerosmith frontman speaks candidly about his Idol experience, the reasons behind his book and, what’s next on the agenda with the Boston band, as they are working on a new album this year.

“Well, I sent Joe a bunch of songs and he sent me a bunch of licks. We've e-mailed back and forth with each other,” says Steven. “All I need is a few good licks; that's the way "Walk This Way" was written, one of Joe Perry's licks, (sings) and I grabbed the ball and ran with it, and that's all it takes sometimes. We're getting together for my father's birthday -- he'll be 95 -- in May and I'm gonna have a band meeting at which time we're gonna settle a lot of the tumult that's been going on in the last year between lawyers and managers... As John Lennon said, time for a new broom to sweep things clean, dahling!”

“Sometimes other people try to keep us apart, so it's a little difficult,” continues Tyler. “I'm with different management. They're with different management, they've got their lawyers. I've got my lawyers. When we get together in a room, magic happens. Things get settled. It's just hard right now, but who knows what this summer will bring. We're in the middle of an album cycle. We may go out and do some shows, and we're already booked for November-December, South America and Japan. So who knows, man.”

Meanwhile, Tyler has a brand new solo single coming out May 10; “(It) Feels So Good” will premiere on American Idol host’s Ryan Seacrest's radio show on May 9, before being available on iTunes the following day.

Check out more of Tyler's session with Rolling Stone here.

Aerosmith Aerosmith

Aerosmith – Lord Of The Thighs

Summit Theatre - Houston, TX – June 24, 1977

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