Friday, June 3, 2011

KISS: Vinnie Vincent allowed to return home

Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent will be allowed to return to his home in Smyrna, Tennessee following his arrest on suspicion of assault.

Last week, police arrested Vincent (real name Vincent Cusano) on suspicion of beating his wife, Diane, and dragging her through broken glass; TMZ reported that she arrived at the Sheriff's Office "covered in blood."

WSMV-TV Nashville reports the couple were in court Thursday, where both sides agreed Vinnie can return to the family property, but he will live in a separate home. The judge also allowed Vinnie to visit the main house, but only if his wife is not there.

Vinnie is scheduled to appear back in court on aggravated domestic assault charges later this month; he released a statement this week refuting much of the allegations about the incident, as reported in the media.


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