Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page official website counting down to July 14 launch

Cryptic goings-on in Jimmy Page’s world these days, but so what else is new?

The Led Zeppelin guitarist has been diligently working on the development of his official website at, and it now appears that a launch date is on the horizon.

The site currently displays a front page featuring a daily-changing Roman numeral (as of July 6, it’s VIII) and the adjacent hourglass video shows sand flowing through it, but not filling it up…yet.

The Morton Report suggests the significance of the launch date may have to do with July 14 being 9 days until a full moon in Capricorn; Page was born on January 9 - remember the jeans that the guitarist wore during Zeppelin’s 1973 tour, emblazoned with his astrology symbols: Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising.

Important, but perhaps not as significant, was on July 13, 1985 (July 14 UK local time), the three surviving members of Zeppelin appeared together at the Live Aid show in Philadelphia, performing for the first time since John Bonham’s death on September 25, 1980.

While Page has been characteristically mum about the project, he did allow at the Ivor Norvello Awards last May, "At the moment, I'm constructing a website because I've had the domain name but I've not had a website, so I'm constructing that. I think that will bring a few surprises to how thing normally are. Once that's done, then I'm going to start working on some new music."

Last month, Page joined Donovan at the Royal Albert Hall to perform his classic "hired gun" solo from the British folk-rock legend's 1965 hit "Sunshine Superman"; Page also sat in for another Donovan favorite, "Mellow Yellow."

Led Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven
Live Aid
JFK Stadium – Philadelphia, PA – July 13, 1985

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