Monday, July 4, 2011

Van Halen: New music update

We know something’s going on in the Van Halen camp these days.

This past weekend, David Lee Roth posted a cryptic message on his website that read simply:

“Get Ready...”

As usual, nothing from VH itself, as their website hasn’t been updated since December of 2009. Shameful for a band of this stature to have such a poor online presence, but let’s hope someone gets hired to work on the site before the new album comes out.

Expected to be released before year-end, the highly-anticipated record represents VH’s first full album with Roth in 27 years, and the band’s first album since 1998. The group began recording in January with producer John Shanks.

A few weeks ago, Eddie Trunk, host of VH1 Classic’s "That Metal Show," tweeted some VH news:

“Hearing RUMOURS that Van Halen may release a new song for 4th of July weekend. Which if the album is truly done would make sense.”

No such luck at this point, but anything’s possible.

Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti is one of the few people who have heard the new album in its entirety, as he witnessed a live performance of the record by the band (sans Roth) at 5150 studios recently.

“What makes it so great is that they took what they could from all their old demos back in the ’80′s and pretty much did what they could to create songs out of old ideas, so it sounds like vintage Van Halen,” Tremonti told 94.3 KILO in Colorado this past week. “Musically it sounds in the [early '80's] era. I didn’t hear any vocals – David was not there. It was just the three of them and the music sounded like very authentic, old school Van Halen. It was a just a crazy experience to sit there and watch. Eddie was four feet from me, and Wolfie was on the other side. The guys were very excited to be doing what they’re doing.”

Stay tuned…

Van Halen are confirmed to headline Soundwave Revolution, an annual music festival held in major cities around Australia; the fall dates start September 24 in Brisbane.

Van Van Halen

Van Halen – Unchained
US Festival ‘83
Glen Helen Regional Park - Devore, CA – May 29, 1983

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