Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Corey Taylor undergoes eye surgery

I bet Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor had a different weekend than most: the rocker underwent corrective eye surgery on Sunday.

“My procedure went EXCELLENT and I am now equipped with 20/10 vision!,” posted Taylor. “Thank you Dr. Rothman! And thanks to Lasik of Nevada!! X-ray vision!!!”

The new, improved vision will come in handy for Taylor, who always seems to be juggling bands and projects.

In addition to his Slipknot and Stone Sour duties, Taylor has hooked up with Duff McKagan to work on writing some songs together.

Taylor was part of the Velvet Revolver audition process last year, and even recorded an album’s worth of material with the band, according to drummer Matt Sorum. It was Slash who vetoed Corey as the possible replacement for Scott Weiland, who left the band in April of 2008.

"I'm not singing with Velvet Revolver," Taylor said during an interview on Fuse TV's Hoppus on Music. "We were doing some writing and doing some jamming and what-not, but it just seemed like there were different ideas as to what they wanted to do. And it was completely mutual; it was all good. I just love the fact that I got to hang out with people I grew up listening to."

So no VR, but the door remains open for other projects to materialize.

"Me and Duff McKagan will probably do some stuff later,” said Taylor. “Me and him, we really hit it off, and we're really close, and we started writing songs together, and we've got some really good stuff. So, you never know. There might be a mystery supergroup out there - me and Duff and some other weird people - making some weird music that people are, like, 'What?! That's them?!' So, yeah, maybe. We'll see what happens."

Taylor recently released his autobiography, “Seven Deadly Sins.”

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Corey Taylor – Spit It Out

Original by Slipknot
London Relentless Garage – London, UK - July 12, 2011