Monday, August 1, 2011

Soundgarden: New album now due in 2012

Put it down to high hopes and the best of intentions.

When Seattle rockers Soundgarden reunited last year after more than a decade away, played some shows and released a career-spanning best-of, most fans would have been happy with that.

Soundgarden wanted more.

In February, the band released a statement that they were working on new music and their goal for 2011 was to make a record.

Turns out the goal is still in motion but the finish line has moved slightly – to next year.

“There's no timeline, except that our target—roughly—is early 2012,” guitarist Kim Thayil tells Seattle Weekly. “We are focused on this tour and these shows and we have a few dates in October, but in the interim, we'll do some studio work. We have a few more guitars to do and some vocals. And some of the songs are still being arranged. We want to make sure it's absolutely the most satisfying for us, and put the best foot forward that we can put. I would assume our fans will also get into it then.”

Thayil was asked why the band reunited in the first place.

“I have nooooo idea. I ask myself that question,”
replied Thayil. “I think it's one of those things that just fell back into our laps. We initially were attending to shared properties, both financial and legal, and from mainly there we realized there was an absence of online presence in terms of a website or Facebook . . . we kind of had neglected our merchandise over the last decade. Our catalog had been neglected. I was constantly meeting people who now had junior-high-aged kids who had learned instruments and learned [to play via Soundgarden]. We agreed to start a website and have Ten Club handle it – Time Bierman who handles Pearl Jam’s stuff. So it started from that.”

“Then Internet gossip led to promoters inquiring about our status and offering us shows and pretty good billings that we considered,”
Kim continued. “So we got into a room together and jammed and enjoyed each other's company. Eventually we decided to start playing live and to release [greatest hits and rarities compilation] “Telephantasm” and the live record [“Live on I-5”]." Putting out an unreleased Soundgarden song was a thrill for us, and we started thinking about going back into the studio again. Every time we got together to rehearse, it was good.”

Soundgarden just completed a month-long reunion tour – their first in 14 years – and will next play at the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans on October 28.

Soundgarden Soundgarden

Soundgarden – Outshined
The Gorge – George, WA – July 30, 2011

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