Tuesday, September 20, 2011

INXS: J.D. Fortune out as lead singer…again

INXS are without a lead singer, once again.

J.D. Fortune has reportedly ended his term as frontman for the Australian band on amicable terms.

“Just wanted to let you all know personally that, despite media reports to the contrary – I did not leave INXS and I was not fired,” the Canadian rocker explained to fans on his website Tuesday.

“Prior to this summer’s amazing tour, INXS and I mutually agreed that my contracted services as their lead singer for the 'Original Sin' tour would end in Atlanta, GA on August 14.” continued Fortune. “We had a great time and a great tour and are all very proud of those shows. Now, as planned, we are all moving on to different artistic projects. We do retain a deep friendship and respect for each other that was built over the past 6 years of working together.”

“To be clear,”
repeated J.D., “I did not leave INXS and I was not fired. We have completed this phase of our collaboration on friendly terms and wish each other nothing but the best.”

“Right now,”
summed up Fortune, “I am currently developing several exciting projects as a solo artist that I had put on hold until my obligation for the INXS tour was complete.”

INXS fans were thrilled with the addition of Fortune back in 2005, after he was chosen lead singer for the band on their “RockStar: INXS” reality series. J.D. seemed to breathe new life into the group, who were left without a frontman following the passing of Michael Hutchence in 1997. The band recorded “Switch” and toured extensively, especially in Fortune’s Canadian homeland, but the singer developed a cocaine habit and was fired in 2009.

Early this year, INXS released “Original Sin,” a reworking of their hits with a variety of high-profile guest vocalists, while simultaneously bringing Fortune back into the fold. Now we know that was a temporary stop-gap measure for the group, and INXS is without a frontman and, perhaps, a future, once again.

Australian media are reporting an official statement from INXS is expected later this week.

Stay tuned.


J.D. Fortune – Pretty Vegas
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