Tuesday, October 18, 2011

VIDEO: Behind the scenes with Jane’s Addiction

The 8-year wait for Jane’s Addiction fans is over: the new album is out.

Prior to its Tuesday release, “The Great Escape Artist” was available, over the past week, for fans to check out in advance via iTunes, with audio mastered specifically for the online retailer in order to optimize sound quality when downloaded.

"We are psyched that people will have a chance to hear our whole album before they buy it,” said guitarist Dave Navarro at the time, “and we applaud iTunes for standing up for great audio, too."

In a new behind the scenes video issued by the band, Jane’s leader Perry Farrell explains the motivation to create the album, the cover artwork, and the lessons learned from the group’s time away from the spotlight.

“We had gotten together, probably two years ago,” explains Farrell, “and gotten out on the road and began performing for people again, but we hadn’t had new material for, I guess, 7 years or something like that. And the idea of continuing to perform for people without new material was heartbreaking.”

“We knew we had the goods still within us, as the performances were doing so well,”
Perry continues. “The energy was there, and so was the desire to record.”

Jane's Addiction Jane's Addiction

Jane’s Addiction – Irresistible Force (2011)

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