Monday, December 19, 2011

Paul Rodgers releases charity single

Paul Rodgers has released a new single, “With Our Love,” in honor of his 62nd birthday on Saturday (Dec 17), and for a good cause.

100% of the proceeds are earmarked for the charities The Racehorse Sanctuary & Rocking Horse Children's Charity and Seraphim 12 Foundation.

The song was co-written and performed by Perry Margouleff, whose friendship with Rodgers dates back to over twenty years ago when they met in the U.K. while Margouleff was performing with The Pretty Things. The two have collaborated over the years.

All of these charities are organizations Rodgers has offered significant support to in the past; in fact he is a Patron of one, while Margouleff is a Senior Board Member of the other.

"Horses are such a powerful part of human development and have been since the early ages. We humans owe them so much,” says Rodgers. “My wife Cynthia and I have visited both sanctuaries and can't imagine any of these healthy vibrant beings being sent off to die. Especially Seraphim 12's 'Daisy,' who was to be slaughtered for human consumption at four months of age! Or ex-racehorse 'Mr. Streaky,' who due to human error, developed anxiety and fear issues - which now, after eight years, he is finally starting to overcome, and in doing so is helping the autistic and inner city kids who visit the sanctuary. Blues great Willie Dixon believed that 'Once we know better we can do better' now that we know better, let's do better."

You can preview and order the song from iTunes here.

For more information on these charities, click these links:

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