Tuesday, June 12, 2012

VIDEO: Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen talk music

The father-and-son team of Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen are featured in a new video interview by USA Today.

Currently on the road touring in support of the band’s latest effort, “A Different Kind Of Truth,” USA Today caught up with the pair in San Francisco last week, where the guys talk about playing music together, the best musical advice they ever got, natural musical ability, and their mutual love of AC/DC.

Wolfgang was brought in to handle bass duties six years ago, in time for a reunion tour with David Lee Roth in 2007.

Ed concedes that his ex-wife, Valerie Bertinelli, wasn't thrilled when he pulled Wolf out of high school to face the rigors of the road, but he didn't want to mess with what he considers destiny.

"Alex and I used to joke, why didn't Mom and Dad have another kid for a bass player? Well, now we have our own Van Halen bass player," says Ed. "So now I think, why didn't Valerie and I have another kid? Could have been the singer."

Both burst out giggling. Ed's is a rasp, a telltale sign of ongoing health scares. (He had cancerous growths on his tongue and throat removed last year and reports he's "feeling great.")

"There's a reason to be out there," he says, looking over at his son. "He's the reason I'm on tour, and probably alive, too."

Now on his second full tour with his father's band, Wolf says some disgruntled fans still malign him online, and speculate that he might be playing to a tape on tour.

Wolf shakes his head. "If some people think that what I'm playing and what I'm singing is so good that it can't possibly be me doing it, then thank you."

Read the full VH session at USA Today here.

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