Friday, September 21, 2012

VIDEO: Heart talk new autobiography on CBS’ The Couch

Heart sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson’s new autobiography, “Kicking And Dreaming: A Story Of Heart, Soul And Rock & Roll” was published this week.

Since finding their love of music and performing as teenagers in Seattle, Washington, the Wilson sisters have been part of the American rock music landscape. From 70s classics like “Magic Man” and “Barracuda” to chart-topping 80s ballads like “Alone,” and all the way to their forthcoming 2012 album, “Fanatic,” Heart has been thrilling their fans and producing hit after hit.

The sisters stopped by CBS New York’s The Couch to talk with hosts Carolina Bermudez and John Elliott about the memoir, their history, and some of the unique pressure they felt as pioneering women in rock.

“Especially in the MTV generation,” says Ann, “When it first came out, suddenly women were highly objectified even more than before. It was a rapid change and I think I was at the vortex of that.”

Nancy says the pressure is even greater today.

“I think it’s much harder to be ‘imaged’ and to be acceptable in the high pressure of imaging now,” adds Nancy. “It’s become the language now.”

“Just because there are more women in the business doesn’t mean it’s become easier for women in the business,” says Ann.

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