Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guns N’ Roses guitarist says electronic cigarettes almost killed him

Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba says electronic cigarettes almost killed him.

Ashba revealed the news after posting an instagram photo (above) of himself smoking, which prompted a fan to inquire about his health status.

"I did quit [cigarettes] for 9 months,” replied the guitarist. “However, I was smoking fake cigarettes that I bought in a mall in Poland which contained high doses of nicotine and antifreeze, which kills people.”

"Nobody knows this,” continued Ashba, “but I was rushed to the hospital put on heart monitors and I had eight of the best doctors trying to save my life. Poison control confirmed that the nicotine intake that was going into my body from the fake cigarettes was equivalent to smoking 33 packs of cigarettes a day. After doing a full body CAT scan, the doctors were amazed that every organ in my body was in perfect condition. They advised me to start smoking real cigarettes because my body would go into shock if I just stop smoking, so now I can wean myself off of real cigarettes and hopefully quit for good this time."

"We purposely kept this out of the press but that is the real story of why I am smoking right now,” he concluded.

Guns N’ Roses recently wrapped up a brief, 9-date series of US concerts with a headlining appearance on day 2 of the Governors Ball at Randall’s Island in New York.

The band is next scheduled to perform at Festival D’Été (Quebec City Summer Festival) in Québec City on July 12th.

The festival, which runs July 4–14, is billed as Canada’s biggest outdoor artistic event. Other acts playing during the 11-day event include Rush, Def Leppard, Foreigner and the Black Keys.

Full details about the festival can be found here.

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