Monday, February 17, 2014

Guns N' Roses guitarist comments on Las Vegas police helicopter controversy

Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba spoke with FOX 5 Las Vegas TV’s “More Access” program about his private helicopter ride by local police last August that resulted in the demotion of three officers involved in the incident.

An investigation revealed that Captain David O’Leary and Officer Ray Horsley violated department policy when they took Ashba for a “fly along” – on the public dime – as part of the guitarist’s marriage proposal to girlfriend (now wife) Nathalia Henao.

"They act as if we jumped a fence and stole a helicopter late at night, and that's not even what happened," Ashba told "More Access." "I'd taken a helicopter ride a year before, posted a 'Thank You' on my Instagram — not a peep. They offered up a ride again, and I said, 'Sure, that'd be great. It's a big day for me.'"

Ashba says what's been reported in the media is not an accurate depiction of that evening.

"There is a lot of false information that was fed to the public,” he continued. “We followed protocol. It was an approved ride."

As a result of an internal investigation, Captain O’Leary was in the process of being demoted to the rank of lieutenant but retired on December 20 before the discipline went into effect; on January 11, Officer Horsley was transferred out of the Air Support Detail and will no longer be allowed to fly for the LVMPD; former Air Support Lt. Tom Monahan was transferred to a patrol bureau.

Read more about the Las Vegas police helicopter story here, here and here.

Ashba also confirmed to“More Access” that Guns N' Roses will be playing a second residency this spring at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

The guitarist’s news follows a teaser promotional campaign by the venue to alert fans to the upcoming residency; an official announcement is due this week.

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