Friday, March 7, 2014

AC/DC drummer cleared in helicopter license dispute

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was cleared of lying about a medical questionnaire relating to his helicopter license by a New Zealand court this week.

Sun Live reports Rudd was accused of falsely filling out the medical questionnaire for his private pilot's licence by failing to mention his previous drug use.

Rudd pleaded not guilty, arguing that he did not need to admit to a drug charge after he was caught with 23 grams of cannabis in 201, because the charges had been later dropped. Under New Zealand law, pilots are required to admit if they have had a history of drug use.

Judge Louis Bidois dismissed the lying charge this week while saying there is not enough evidence to convict on the standard of proof required, which is beyond all reasonable doubt.

The charge was one of two laid by the Civil Aviation Authority.

On a second charge of failing to maintain a logbook, Rudd pleaded guilty and was fined $750, plus $150 court costs.

Rudd and AC/DC will celebrate their 40th anniversary this year with a new album and tour.

The band are heading into a Vancouver studio in May to record the follow-up to 2008’s “Black Ice”, and are considering a plan to play 40 shows to mark the anniversary.

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