Sunday, March 9, 2014

VIDEO: AC/DC classic featured in new Interac commercial campaign

AC/DC’s 1980 classic, “Back In Black”, is featured in a new commercial campaign for Canada’s Interac Association.

Interac is one of Canada’s leading payment brands and Canada’s only domestically run, coast-to-coast debit payment network.

The AC/DC song is being used to promote the company’s new “Be In The Black” campaign, which promotes the benefits of consumers using their own money for everyday purchases instead of paying with credit cards.

“Canadians are debt-laden and they’re becoming more and more fragile and susceptible to economic shock,” Rob Feightner, group account director at Zulu Alpha Kilo, agency of record for Interac Association tells Marketing magazine. “The call to action behind ‘Be in the Black’ is we want Canadians to take back control of their money and their financial destiny. There is a role Interac can play in that and we’re part of the solution.”

“There was a time years ago, when using credit was frowned upon,” adds Zulu executive creative director Ron Smrczek. “And now it seems like it’s an everyday occurrence, to use it to buy simple everyday things because we’re collecting points. But [the purchases] can accumulate over time and get people into trouble, and no one likes to pay interest on top of purchases they’ve already made. The aim of the campaign is to get people back into the behaviour of using their own money.”

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