Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Megadeth drummer revealed?

Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza may have revealed the identity of the band’s new drummer in an online posting on Sunday.

In the comments section of a drum video posted by Menza, he writes, “Well since (Chris) Adler is playing on the new Megadeth album. Do I get to play on Lamb of God new album ? I'm down for it ....Chris you rock ! one of my favorite drummers. good luck bro .....”

While there’s been no official word from Adler, Lamb Of God or the Megadeth camp, band leader Dave Mustaine confirmed last week that the group were continuing to audition guitarists as they search for a replacement for Chris Broderick, who left last fall.

Both Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover issued separate statements in late November – just hours apart – that they were leaving Megadeth to pursue their own musical interests. The pair have resurfaced as Act Of Defiance, a new outfit that includes former Scar The Martyr singer Henry Derek Bonner and Shadows Fall bassist Matt Bachand.

Mustaine also recently confirmed that Megadeth were scheduled to begin recording the follow-up to 2013’s “Super Collider” on March 17 in Nashville, TN.

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