Monday, April 27, 2015

VIDEO: Iron Maiden share inside look at iTunes remasters project

Iron Maiden recently remastered 19 albums from their catalog for iTunes and now the band are sharing a behind the scenes look at the project.

Recording/mix engineer Tonty Newton and mastering engineer Ade Emsley explain the processes involved in updating audio from original master tapes to today’s current technology.

“They’ve been remastered before, let’s get clear about that,” explains Newton. “And I’m quite aware, as well, that I’ve bought remastered albums of bands that sound awful…and I wanted to make sure that this was something special.”

The project saw Iron Maiden remaster all 15 studio albums, 2 Best Of collections and 2 live albums from their original analogue sources exclusively for iTunes.

"The Mastering For iTunes procedure allows the listener to experience the music as close as possible to the way the artist intended it to be heard,” says bassist Steve Harris. “So of course I was very keen for the Maiden albums to be mastered in this way.

“The iTunes process involves a different approach and it's great to finally deliver the music to our fans in as close to a pure and accurate sound as we could possibly achieve.”

Check out Iron Maiden’s remastered catalog at iTunes.

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