Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jimmy Page responds to Led Zeppelin slam by Keith Richards

Jimmy Page has responded to recent comments regarding Led Zeppelin made by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

While promoting his latest solo album, “Crosseyed Heart”, Richards was discussing the importance of band chemistry versus image with Rolling Stone magazine when he said, “It's playing together that is the important thing about bands, and so many bands are manufactured. I mean, even Zeppelin was manufactured by Peter Grant.”

When the interviewer responded “I was never a big Zeppelin guy,” Richards replied, “Me neither. I love Jimmy Page, but as a band, no, with John Bonham thundering down the highway in an uncontrolled 18-wheeler. He had cornered the market there. Jimmy is a brilliant player. But I always felt there was something a little hollow about it, you know?”

Prompted by a second comment that the interviewer wasn’t a fan of Robert Plant’s voice, the guitarist added, “No, I think he's doing better stuff now,” and on the singer’s work with Alison Krauss: "Finally, he's getting his chops!"

"Keith can say what he wants. He’s Keith Richards,” Page tells Classic Rock magazine. “I think he’s done some amazing work. I respect his playing. And he has a solo album out. But if I was promoting a new album, would I be more caustic? The answer is no.

“I’m not sure what he means by calling Led Zeppelin hollow. I think he’s got his tongue in his cheek. What we did was really cool."

Page and Led Zeppelin wrapped up a year-long reissues series of their complete studio album catalog in July with the release of expended versions of 1976’s “Presence”, 1979’s “In Through The Out Door” and 1982’s “Coda.”

The guitarist recently performed the Zeppelin classic “Rock And Roll” with an all-star lineup of musicians in Seattle while on hand at the Experience Music Project to receive a Founder’s Award, and is making plans to begin recording a solo album in 2016.

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