Sunday, February 28, 2016

Former Deep Purple singer says Rock Hall induction is a circus

Former Deep Purple singer Joe Lynn Turner says the band’s upcoming induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has become a circus show.

Turner has some rare insight into the situation given his work with both Deep Purple – he recorded 1990’s "Slaves And Masters" with the group during his three-year tenure with the band – and his years with guitarist Ritchie Blackmore in Rainbow.

The vocalist is sharing his thoughts on the April 8 event at New York’s Barclays Center that sees Deep Purple’s current lineup refusing to perform with former members including Blackmore – who has now decided not to attend.

“If he comes, Ian Gillan and the rest of the band won’t come,” Turner tells Rock Overdose. “If you ask me, they’re acting like children and it’s a mess and a shameful situation. It’s terrible that it happened. For me, it shows you exactly what is happening over there. That these people don’t know how to grow up and be friends. Just stop the BS. It’s a shame and it makes a circus out of the whole thing.

“I made a statement on my Facebook that describes how I feel about the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame, as I call it. They have no idea who is who, what is what. It’s a Hollywood event, and it really has not much to do with Rock and Roll anymore. It’s more of a celebrity event.”

“In the early days it was a true rock and roll organization. But now, it is turning into a circus show,” Turner adds. “It’s more like Grammys or something stupid like that. It took them how long to put Deep Purple into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? It should have been in the Hall Of Fame 25 years ago.”

Deep Purple will be inducted into the 2016 Rock Hall alongside Cheap Trick, Steve Miller, Chicago and N.W.A.

Blackmore has reformed Rainbow with a new lineup to perform three concerts in June, which mark the guitarist’s return to rock for the first time in decades.

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