Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Metallica named 2016 Record Store Day Ambassadors

Metallica have been named 2016 Record Store Day Ambassadors.

Set for Saturday, April 16, the special day in support of independent record stores and record store culture worldwide is now in its ninth year.

“Record stores are where our musical education began and was subsequently nurtured and shaped, playing a huge role in who we are as musicians today,” explains Metallica. “Since this special day’s inception back in 2008 with ten exclusive releases, the celebration has spread worldwide and expanded to almost 350 unique offerings from a wide variety of artists this year.

“It’s important for us to support this cause and encourage music fans everywhere to experience the exciting, inspiring, nostalgic journey through the world of music stores that we were fortunate enough explore in our formative years.”

Metallica's support of the annual event has been more than noteworthy with in-store appearances, (remember Mountain View, CA Rasputin Records in 2008, when the band met their fans for hours to kick off the very first Record Store Day) and a healthy handful of special releases – including Record Store Day 2015's highest seller, “No Life ‘Til Leather”, the band's cassette-issued demos collection.

Metallica will mark the April 16 event with a new live release, “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Metallica! - Live at Le Bataclan. Paris, France - June 11th, 2003”, a CD featuring a live recording from the club, with the band, Record Store Day and independent record stores donating proceeds to benefit Fondation de France's Give For France charity.

"Independent record stores are part of Metallica's DNA," adds drummer Lars Ulrich. "They have been pivotal in shaping each one of us into the music fanatics we've all become. We could not be any prouder to be Record Store Day Ambassadors for 2016 and are looking forward to screaming from every rooftop the next few months about everything independent record store and beyond."

Full 2016 event details at recordstoreday.com

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité,
Metallica! - Live at Le Bataclan. Paris, France - June 11th, 2003

1. The Four Horsemen
2. Leper Messiah
3. No Remorse
4. Fade to Black
5. Frantic
6. Ride the Lightning
7. Blackened
8. Seek & Destroy
9. Damage, Inc.

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