Friday, August 26, 2016

Tesla premiere video for new single Save That Goodness

Tesla are premiering a video for their new single, “Save That Goodness”, from their newly-released package “Mechanical Resonance Live!”

Written and produced by Phil Collen of Def Leppard, the tune is the lone studio track on the project that sees the Sacramento, CA band mark the 30th anniversary of their debut album by capturing the 1986 record in its entirety live,

According to Collen, Tesla bassist Brian Wheat heard “Save That Goodness” and told the guitarist, “We should record this song and you should produce it.”

“From that moment, we’ve been writing, recording and getting totally inspired about making new Tesla music,” adds Collen, calling the single "an explosive precursor to the dynamic new Tesla studio album due out in 2017” that the Def Leppard guitarist will produce."

“We listened to it and immediately loved it,” says singer Jeff Keith. “He completely wrote it, but when we went in to record it, he let us put our own Tesla stamp on it, which was very nice. It’s not a cover song, but you know, similarly, we’ve played lots of cover songs that work well for us, that we just kind of put our little Tesla stamp on it.”

Tesla are currently playing dates support Def Leppard on an extensive tour of North America.

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