Thursday, October 20, 2016

Former Pearl Jam drummer seeks inclusion in 2017 Rock Hall nomination

Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese is reaching out to the band via social media to request their help to have him included in their nomination for the 2017 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

“It’s just a fine opportunity to see what Pearl Jam has to say in response,” posted Abbruzzese on Facebook. “Let’s see if they do the right thing. It’ll be interesting to see the spin that is put on it. That band and its management have never been ones to shy away when an injustice is done. Let’s see if they still have the courage to fight the good fight!

“I’ve seen them change a 15 year old settlement agreement just by ignoring its contents and withholding money that didn’t belong to them in order to force me to accept the changes. They know how to play the game…their way! … The members of Pearl Jam have got to know what’s the right thing to do. They can’t justify ignoring my contributions. Like me or not.”

On Tuesday, the Cleveland, OH-based institution revealed a list of 19 artists considered for the Class of 2017, with Pearl Jam named alongside the Electric Light Orchestra, The Cars, Jane’s Addiction and Yes, among others.

The announcement saw the Rock Hall specify members from each act for inclusion – for the first time ever – in an attempt to eliminate any confusion as the voting process moves forward.

The Pearl Jam nomination includes Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard and drummers Dave Krusen and Matt Cameron, while leaving out drummers Abbruzzese, Matt Chamberlain and Jack Irons.

Abbruzzese joined Pearl Jam in 1991 as the group’s third drummer after Krusen recorded the debut album, “Ten”, and then promptly left for rehab over drinking issues; Chamberlain was brought in for live dates and exited as “Ten” was released while recommending Abbruzzese for the gig.

Abbruzzese toured the debut record and played on 1993’s “Vs.” and 1994’s “Vitalogy” before being fired prior to the third album’s release. Original Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Irons then came in for the 1994 tour and recorded 1996’s “No Code” and 1998’s “Yield” before leaving, with Soundgarden’s Cameron added to the lineup moving forward.

A few days after his initial comments, Abbruzzese once again turned to Facebook to express some further thoughts on the Rock Hall situation.

“I rarely gave anything less than all I had to give,” he wrote of his time with Pearl Jam. “I left that stage feeling like I gave you all you could want, then punched ya square in the stomach and you liked it. I liked it, too. I still do. So do you......Knowing that makes me happy.

“I don't feel snubbed, I was shocked at first because I didn't know that the R&RHOF folks don't really know what's up. In the little press snippets that is going around, I seem upset. I think it's cool that it's happening. Now I'll see how it plays out. I am so moved and proud. I am proud to have touched so many with what I do and did with music.”

The 2017 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees will be announced in December with a ceremony set for next April in New York.

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