Wednesday, October 5, 2016

VIDEO: Rush share KISS tour story in Time Stand Still documentary preview

Rush are sharing a road story from the early days involving KISS in a video preview of their upcoming 40th anniversary tour documentary “Time Stand Still.”

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson reveal “The Legend Of The Bag”, which saw Lifeson dress up as ‘The Bag’ to entertain fellow band members and touring partners, including KISS.

“The Bag would just pop up every once in a while – it was just a face drawn on a big laundry bag,” explains Lifeson. “I’d make two holes for eyes and draw a stupid face on it, wear sweat pants and stick my arms through the sweat pants, so only my hands came out at the knee. And The Bag was always drunk, and really smart, and knew everything, and made a lot of suggestions to people in the room; running commentary for a few hours.”

The after-show party often ended up in KISS guitarist Ace Frehley’s room, with The Bag entertaining everyone…except Gene Simmons.

“Gene was very, very upset with The Bag,” Lifeson adds, “and that made Ace even happier.”

“Gene was straight and wasn’t high like we were,” says Lee, “so he had a different sense of reality when he came into Ace’s room. We were drinking, smoking and generally being idiots.

“Gene came in one time and there were these two girls looking at The Bag wondering, ‘Who’s that guy?’ One of them went over and tried to remove it – that was cause for immediate ejection from the hotel room, so I threw them out. Gene was very upset about that because the only reason he was in the room was there were two girls there.”

Named after a track from 1987’s “Hold Your Fire” and narrated by Paul Rudd, "Rush: Time Stand Still" is a documentary that covers the "R40" tour and the unique relationship Rush have with their devoted fans.

Rush will premiere “Time Stand Still” in cinemas on November 3 prior to its release on DVD and Blu-ray on November 18.

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