Monday, May 1, 2017

Queensryche share new album update

Queensryche vocalist Todd La Torre is sharing an update on the band’s work on the follow-up to 2015’s “Condition Human.”

"Right now, we have around fifteen songs,” the singer tells The Metal Voice. “Not all of them are completed. There are many that are. There are many that have all the arrangements. I went to Seattle and stayed there for a week to ten days, and we just worked on arrangements. Like, 'Okay, here's a good intro, here's a verse, here's a bridge, here's a chorus.' ‘Cause once you have that established, there's pretty much your song.”

The Seattle rockers were originally aiming to hit the studio earlier this year, but La Torre explains that schedule has been revised.

“Right now the tentative recording timeline is to get into the studio September,” he says. “It was supposed to be March. But we did a hundred shows last year, and when you only have four days off at home, you're not locking yourself in your studio to work. And you can't force creativity — good stuff."

“Condition Human” debuted at No. 27 on the US Billboard 200 in late 2015 with opening week sales of 14,000 copies.

La Torre feels the last album has already influenced Queensryche’s approach to the new project.

"I would say that the stuff so far, I think, has more upbeat, driving, faster-tempo songs," he explains. "I think 'Condition Hüman', in hindsight, probably lacks… it could have used a couple of more faster songs. So far there seems to be more odd-time stuff, a little more progressive.

"In some aspects, there is definitely some reminiscent-of-'Rage For Order'-kind-of-era-sounding songs maybe. I don't know… It's kind of hard to just… I can't lump it in right now, because by the time [producer] Zeuss gets hold of it, it'll totally shift.”

La Torre reveals that he is also working on his debut solo album, with tentative plans for a release next year.

Meanwhile, Queensryche continue a busy road schedule with US dates this spring ahead of some European festival appearances and headline shows in the next two months.

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