Thursday, August 8, 2019

VIDEO: Noel Gallagher guests on Late Night With Seth Meyers

Noel Gallagher shared his thoughts on new music, touring and the possibility of an Oasis reunion during an August 6 appearance on NBC-TV’s Late Night With Seth Meyers.

On hand to promote his summer tour of North America with Smashing Pumpkins – which launches this week – Gallagher plugged his recent EP, “Black Star Dancing”, while commenting on the effect digital and streaming services has on song recognition for fans.

“People these days, they don’t listen to albums anymore,” explained Gallagher. “They want that track and that track and that track. There’s this galling thing now where people are like, ‘I really like Track 8 on your album’…If I’m doing a gig I’ll say, ‘This next one’s called “She Taught Me How to Fly”‘ and there’ll be silence. Then you go ‘Track 6,’ they’re like ‘Oh! Track 6!'”

The rocker revealed that he will regain control of the rights to his Oasis catalog in the coming years, and that he already has plans for the material.

"Trust me, I will be selling mine to the highest bidder,” joked Gallagher. “Well, what am I going to keep them for? So my kids can benefit? Nah. I'm going to sell them and then I'm going to buy a plane, a yacht, I want a chimp with a top hat, and I'll buy a rocket, and I'll leave the kids with the other stuff from the 2000s.

"Depending on his behavior, he'll probably going to have his own bus. I mean why not, he's a chimp in a top hat, he's got to have his own bus."

When Meyers asked about the possibility of an Oasis reunion following their split in 2009, Gallagher replied “No,” adding, “I sincerely hope not.”

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