Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl recounts Pantera fandom in new Instagram story

Dave Grohl is recounting his fandom of, and friendship with, Texas rockers Pantera in the latest edition of his newly-launched Instagram series, “Dave’s True Stories.”

The Foo Fighters leader shares the tale of being asked to perform at a 1998 UK edition of Ozzfest, where they would follow Pantera; while detailing his curiosity at the band’s fit on the bill, Grohl also puzzled through his fear of having to follow the heaviness that would fire up the 65,000 strong crowd like no other.

“I stepped to the side of the stage,” Grohl writes, “and witnessed what can only be described as the most awesome, most brutal, most vulgar display of power known to man: Pantera, ladies and gentlemen! In all their glory! Absolutely DESTROYING the stage.”

“I would soon have to follow this historic ass-shredding performance with my version of post-grunge, alternative rock (cue fingers ramming down throat),”
he added. “We were dead meat…thankfully we managed to make it through the gig without having bottles of piss hurled at our faces, so I considered it an incredible success.”

Grohl’s friendship with Pantera continued through the years and, while on a cross-country road trip with drummer Taylor Hawkins, the pair made plans to alter their route to include a visit the band’s strip club in Dallas, TX.

“Months and months of waking everyday,” the guitarist explains as they arrived at their destination, “counting the minutes until we walked into the neon/black light of the Clubhouse, enveloped by the aroma of Coors Light and peach body wash, DJ blasting old school Scorpions, to find a booth full of Pantera just waiting to greet us with a big, Pearl Jam high-five. I had the whole thing dialed in my mind. It was the Goodfellas kitchen scene on acid. And it was about to go down…”

Read Grohl’s full experience with Pantera below.

The rocker – who launched "Dave’s True Stories" with the story of building his first home studio – shared his intentions for the series while on some unexpected downtime due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“My name is Dave. Sometimes I play drums. Sometimes I play guitar. Sometimes I tell stories,” said the rocker. “I'm currently looking for work, so I thought I'd pass the time by writing true short stories that will make people smile.”

This week, the Foo Fighters postponed the remaining dates of their spring North American tour due to the health crisis.

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