Thursday, April 8, 2021

Mammoth WVH: Wolfgang Van Halen streams lyric video for Think It Over

Wolfgang Van Halen is streaming a lyric video for the track “Think It Over” as the latest preview to his forthcoming Mammoth WVH album debut.

The rocker – who describes the tune as “super-poppy, the most Jimmy Eat World-ish song I’ve got” – recently issued the track in sync with a video for “Don’t Back Down”, a clip that sees six Wolfgangs recording and playing the song at his late father’s legendary 5150 home studio.

Due June 11, Wolfgang worked on the album with producer Michael Baskette.

After multiple tours playing bass in Van Halen, Wolfgang set out to establish his own musical identity by writing all of the songs and performing all of the instrumentation and vocals for the project while carrying on the family’s history with his new music.

“The name Mammoth is really special to me,” explains Wolfgang. “Not only was it the name of Van Halen before it became Van Halen, but my father was also the lead singer. Ever since my dad told me this, I always thought that when I grew up, I’d call my own band Mammoth, because I loved the name so much.

“I’m so thankful that my father was able to listen to, and enjoy the music I made. Nothing made me happier than seeing how proud he was that I was continuing the family legacy.”

Eddie Van Halen passed away last October at the age of 65 after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Mammoth WVH
“Mammoth WVH”

Release date: June 11

01. Mr. Ed
02. Horribly Right
03. Epiphany
04. Don't Back Down
05. Resolve
06. You'll Be The One
07. Mammoth
08. Circles
09. The Big Picture
10. Think It Over
11. You're To Blame
12. Feel
13. Stone
14. Distance (bonus track)

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