Thursday, November 25, 2021

David Bowie revisits Black Tie White Noise in Brilliant Adventure box set preview

David Bowie’s team are revisiting the late rocker’s 1993 album, “Black Tie White Noise”, ahead of its inclusion in the forthcoming box set, “David Bowie 5. Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001).”

Fans can check out an EPK (electronic press kit) video of Bowie discussing the inspiration and influences behind the UK No.1 record, and watch upgraded HD videos for the set’s three singles: “Jump They Say”, “Miracle Goodnight”, and the title track.

“White noise itself is something that I first encountered on the synthesiser many years ago,” explained Bowie about the album’s title. “There’s black noise and white noise. I thought that much of what is said and done by the whites is white noise. ‘Black ties’ is because, for me, musically, the one thing that really turned me on to wanting to be a musician, wanting to write, was black music, American black music.

"I found it all very exciting – the feeling of aggression that came through the arrangements. That’s what triggered my interest in American black music. That led me to the blues...for a number of years I worked with rhythm and blues bands, and my participation in them formed my own black ties in that area of music.”

“Black Tie White Noise” has been remastered for the 2021 package, which is due November 26 and will be available in 11CD or 18LP editions and also include newly remastered versions of 1993’s “The Buddha of Suburbia”, 1995’ “Outside”, 1997’s “Earthling” and 1999’s “hours…” along with the expanded live record, “BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27,2000”, the non-album / alternative version / B-sides and soundtrack music compilation “Re:Call 5”, and the previously unreleased “Toy.”

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